Thursday, 26 July 2012

Olympic Sewing Project

A few weeks ago I started a blog post series about work I did with some pupils at the local primary school, it involved working with children aged 8 to 11 to make patchwork Olympic birds for an Olympic birds mobile.

The kids worked with the patchwork birds I had made and embellished them with ribbon, buttons and lace! As we worked we talked about the countries, including where they are, why a lot of countries speak English and why the Olympics are important.

European countries.
Working on their birds, putting on buttons and ribbons.

Sewing on spears and shield for Kenya.

Working on the birds.

The kids loved working on the birds, many of them had never used a needle and thread before. As you can see from the Kenyan bird, they had some really great ideas for embellishing their birds and took inspiration from the pictures of the flags I gave them.

More next week....

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