Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The lesson I learnt......

Last week I had a one-to-one bag making class with a lovely local lady who contacted me asking about classes for her and her daughter. Her daughter wasn't sure about coming so Eve came along on her own.

It was a great day, learning how to sew oilcloth and design a bag. Lots of new skills were learnt and a gorgeous bag was completed - even an internal zippered pocket!

After my fall, my confidence had dipped. I felt lost on the pain killers and began to worry about my change in direction. Had I done the right thing? Was teaching really for me?

The lovely Eve gave me back my confidence in my decision. Eve and I chatted over the day and shared our lives with each other. The day gave Eve a space to have some time to herself, it allowed her to step out of her wife and mother roles. She was just Eve, learning to make a bag.

At the end of the day Eve said that she had enjoyed learning to sew a bag, but she had also enjoyed having the space she desperately needed to be herself.

I re-learnt the power of craft and teaching someone how to make something for themselves. The confidence that is gained by making something is priceless, whether it is sewing, felting or any other craft. It is amazing watching someone change over the course of a workshop/course. Their growth in confidence is almost visible. I have seen it over and over again, and it is still amazing!

So have I done the right thing?


I have a skill - I help people to relax and learn something new; I help people to step out of their lives and do something for themselves; I give people confidence to try something new.

These are the things Eve helped me to see, helping me to get my confidence back was the gift Eve gave me on Wednesday. It is a gift that I am very grateful for. Thank you Eve x

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