Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer Fun!

I took the last few days off to spend time with my boys. As you will know juggling kids and work is hard during term time, but it is even harder during the holidays!

My 3 boys are full of energy and have great sense of humours - they are fantastic company!

On Friday we went off to Legoland for a fun pack day of thrills, spills and water! Unfortunately due to my healing ribs I couldn't go on a lot of the ride as the bars would have been resting in just the wrong place, but that didn't stop us having the most amazing day together.

We went on the trains, learnt how to drive at the driving school, visited at Atlantis and learnt how to be pirates at Pirate Camp!

Here are my boys enjoying some doughnuts before going to watch Clutch Powers:

We had so much fun!

They were thrilled to meet the Star Wars characters too!

It was such a great day - the kind of day that helps you to reconnect with what is important!

Back to work today and the boys will be at the leisure centre for the week as I have a young lady coming for a week of work experience with me. I love me business and teaching, but I am looking forward to our next adventure together!

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