Saturday, 7 July 2012

The end of a crazy week...

I can safely say I am glad to see the back of last week!

It all started with a rush to the post office in the rain. The bag order was late so I dashed out of the studio in my flip flops and drove into town. I then dashed to the post office - well I tried to... I ended up stumbling and landing on my front in the middle of the road...

A whole coach load of Highgrove visitors were treated to me collapsed in the road unable to breath due to using my chest as airbags! (By the way it doesn't work - it hurts like hell!)

After being helped to my feet and given a cup of sweet tea by my lovely friend Sarah at The Yellow Lighted Bookshop, she phoned my amazing friend Helen who came and took me home. I have to admit I have never felt quite so terrible and idiotic!

On Tuesday still in pain I went to see the hospital in Tetbury - 2/3 badly bruised possibly fractured ribs - they can't do anything either way, it is just a long and painful road to recovery. I was told to keep moving - like I have a choice with 3 small boys on my own!!!!

The rest of the week has been a blur of pain, pain killers and anxious little boys. My boys have never seen me crumple... I am there no matter what holding their hands through all the things they achieve and deal with.

I have managed to work on my Hexy MF hexagons, but mostly I have sat kinda stunned in the living room watching movies and trying to not upset the fine balance and cause pain.

I have reached Saturday and just about got the pain meds right - made another visit to the doctor and asked for something stronger!

The doctor was very sweet, but said I would need pain killers of another week - another week of feeling doped out, but at least I can move and sit fairly normally...

I am so glad I have my Hexy MF quilt along to focus on, my flowers in Summersville fabrics are making me smile!


  1. What a thing to happen! I'm so sorry. I'd seen a few of your tweets, but kept forgetting to ask you what happened, for which I apologise. I'm glad the pain meds are helping, but I can understand how frustrating it must be. Try not to overdo anything, hope you recover very soon.

    1. Morning! I am doing much better. Trying to not do too much, but it is hard! Don't ever apologise, thank you for taking the time to comment.

  2. Whoa! Isn't it scary how the whole trajectory of your plans can change in an instant. Sending you soothing thoughts. x