Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sewing in Schools

As part of my working week I teach as a volunteer at my children's primary school. I run an after school club with a regular attendance of 10 children from the ages of 8 to 11.  They are a lovely bunch to work wit

I wanted to extend this work into working with the kids during the school day as part of a project. When I saw a free course about being an artist in school, I decided to apply and managed to get a place.

The course was great. It gave me so much confidence in recognising that I am an artist not just a wayward mathematician who sews... I was accepted as someone with a skill that is worth sharing. I don't think I have ever felt that way before... acceptance as a textiles artist!

As part of the course I had to plan and deliver a project in a school. I spoke to the head teacher at the school I currently run the club in and he gave me permission to work with years 3 to 6. I came up with a project that involved 36 kids from 6 classes.

The idea was to make 36 birds of peace, each bird from a different country attending the Olympics in London. From the list of countries competing, I first broke the countries into 6 continents and then I choose countries the kids might not have heard of.

Using these countries I made the bird to represent the flags of the country:

I then took the birds into school to work with children that the teachers had identified were good at design and technology.

More tomorrow.....

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