Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday Morning Reading 8th July

Good morning!

If you read my previous blog you will know that I like to bring together some fabulous blogs on a Sunday for you to red on a Sunday morning with your cup of coffee.

First up is my lovely Twitter friend Ben who has a fantastic blog all about life, running and his gorgeous family. Mutterings of a fool is an insight into the life of a daddy. There are hundreds of blogs written by mums about their lives, which are fabulous, but it is refreshing to read about parenting from the point of view of a dad. He recently won the BIB's dad blogger award too!

Sunday morning reading needs a sewing blog - sorry, sewing is written into my DNA you know!

Today it is the Crazy Mom Quilts, the blog of Amanda Jean Ryberg, one of the authors of the amazing Sunday Morning Quilts. Her blog is full of useful quilting tips, pictures of her projects and tutorials. I love the book, so finding this blog has been great! I love the way Amanda has started posting pictures of some of the quilts made by the readers of her book - the way the choice of fabrics change the look and feel of a design fascinates me!

The last one for a today is a lifestyle blog. Written by Leya, Curious Bird is a window into the Leya's life with her family. I love the pictures the most. I am a sucker for blogs with gorgeous and varied photos. I also love being allowed to peek into other people lives, makes the world a much smaller place somehow...

I hope you enjoy the blogs!

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