Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I found a new shop...

I am a fabric addict, an addiction I embrace whole heartedly, so I love looking around the Internet at on line quilting shops and getting new fabric when I have the cash flow (must teach more!). Last week I needed some Kona fabric for a students quilt, but the place I had bought it from before had run out!

I Googled the colour and this little gem of a shop, Pollyanna Patchwork came up.

Now I was drawn the name since my name is Anna and my younger sister is Polly - we were teased a lot as children and mum mother swore blind it never occured to her.... think she might have been fibbing!

Also it is in a town very close to where I spent my teenage years - in fact I used to visit the dentist there!

Anyway, as promised by Google they did in fact have the right colour in the Kona range, and a fabric colour I had ordered from the States for another quilt commission.

They also have a lot of yummy fabrics and other quilters essentials!

The best bit is they have free 2nd class delivery on all orders until the end of July! I ordered mine on Saturday and it was here this morning - just in time for the class tomorrow!

So go check Pollyanna Patchwork out!

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