Monday, 23 July 2012

Quilting Bee

A little while ago I reviewed a booked called Block Party, The Modern Quilting Bee and it gave the idea of having a go at setting up a modern quilting bee myself.

In this age of super fast communication, modern quilting bees are not about being in one location to make a quilt together, but about connecting people from around the world. The idea is that 12 people connect and share the sewing and quilting experience by taking it in turns to send the other member of the bee fabric and instructions to make a one block each month.

Each person involved at the end of the year has 12 blocks made by the quilters in the bee, which can be made into a quilt for their home.

I like the idea of meeting new people, sharing skills and making a quilt that has been a group effort. Each person will bring their own slant to the blocks they make, which makes the bee even more exciting to me!

Fancy joining me?

I need 11 other quilters to make the bee work...

Email me at or leave me a comment here with your email address!


  1. I would love to join im a brand new quilter idont have much experiance but i have pleanty of exciment

  2. My email is