Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday Morning 23 July 2012


Here in the UK we have had some gorgeous weather for the first time in weeks. The sun has been visible for the and has stayed around for longer than 5 minutes - it is a shock to the system!

This morning I have brough together some new blogs for you read with you morning cup of coffee.

The first one is Diary of a Quilter, the blog of Amy Smart a very talented quilter. This blog is full of inspiration, fabrics and tips for quilters. I love the amazing Union Jack quilt that is perfect for this summer of British celebrations. There is a tutorials page that is full of great sewing ideas... what more could a quilter ask for?

In the last few months I have become a bit obsessed with crochet and yarn.... it is such yummy stuff you know! I was so pleased when I found this amazing website with so many inspiring and gorgeous yarn ideas! The Purl Bee is a gorgeous blog with amazing photos - you know I am a big fan of gorgeous photos!

Just the banner makes me smile! There a projects and ideas for crochet, knitting, sewing and embroidery. The blog is part of Purl, a shop in Soho, New York. Go and be inspired!

The last blog today is lori times five, a blog of photos, crafting and life. I love have a peek into other peoples adventures and lives. This blog is a glimpse into Lori's life and loves. The pictures are gorgeous, so go check it out!

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